Camile Sardina is a NYC-based actress and interviewer/writer of Puerto Rican and Italian descent. Her work includes:


  • Commercials: Sauza Tequila’s Fun Is Calling”; Role: Brunch guest; Taco Party Girlfriend.

  • Music/Dance Videos:

  • Silent, Short Film: The Interrogation”; Lead Role: The Interrogator

WRITING: Her internationally-known women leaders interview+photo series, and upcoming book, “Change Makers,” received national attention by Ashton Kutcher and his news site A Plus, also BUST. Her editorial work can be seen within Airbnb, Teen Vogue, Elite Daily, LADYGUNN, BUST, and more.

INTERVIEWS: Camile’s interview portfolio includes celebrity artists such as Lizzo and Cobi; news personalities such as CNN’s Brynn Gingras; and the Feminist Fight Club author and The New York Times’ first gender editor, Jessica Bennett.